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  • About US

    Established in Feb 2015, Hangzhou M.A.D Toastmasters International, which is a non-profit organization that facilitates the development of your public speaking and leadership skills. You learn by doing with every speech you deliver and every role you take.

    We welcome visitors to join us and observe the rapport that exists among the club members. See for yourself the benefits that Toastmasters offers.


    Allen Yu,

    President, M.A.D Toastmasters.

  • What We Doing

    A Toastmasters meeting is a team effort. For a meeting to run effectively there are a number of roles to be filled by the members of the club.

    Prepared Speech

    Most speeches in Toastmasters are for a specific purpose. For example, the CC5 (Competent Communicator 5) is the Your Body Speaks speech, in which the speaker is to practice his or her gestures. Each speech title in the list has been prefixed with the speech number. CC stands for Competent Communicator, and AC stands for Advanced Communicator.

    Speech Evaluation

    Evaluations are what makes Toastmasters the special place that it is for so many members. Through the systematic process of performance and feedback over and over again, we learn and grow.

    Evaluation is the process of positive reinforcement and constructive feedback on how to become better in future presentations. It is a tricky skill to acquire, but one that will follow you into your dealings with others outside of Toastmasters.


    Table Topics

    Allows members the opportunity to practice impromptu speaking skills. The purpose of the Table Topics section is to help members think on their feet and speak on a given subject for between one and two minutes. It also allows speaking opportunities for those who are not programmed for other roles on the Agenda.

    General Evaluation

    To guide the members through an evaluation of the meeting. With the help of the evaluation team, the general evaluator will offer his/her opinions on the strengths of the club and the areas where the club can improve the quality of their meetings.


  • Our Officers

    are dedicated to delivering the best club experience

    Allen Yu


    He is a cool guy and he has a big nose

    Miranda Zhang

    VP, Education

    Zoey Gao

    VP, Public Relations

    Alice Wu

    VP, Membership

    Coco Shen

    Sergeant at Arms

    Emma Chu


    Lisa Li


  • Helpful Resources

    What is Toastmaster -- Click to Download

    Brief introduction of Toastmasters organization.

    Role Responsibilities Checklist -- Click to Download

    An useful document that covers everything for every role taker of M.A.D. Toastmaster meeting. Feel free to download and review it before the meeting no matter as a new guest or a seasoned club member.

    Competent Communication(CC) Manual -- Click to Download

    The 10 speech projects in the Competent Communication manual help you develop your speaking skills one step at a time. When you finish all of the projects, you are eligible for the Competent Communicator award.

    Competent Leadership (CL) Manual -- Click to Download

    This is the core of the Leadership track. The Competent Leadership manual features 10 projects that you complete while serving in various club meeting roles. An evaluator will give you feedback on each project, helping you to improve. When you complete the manual, you are eligible for the Competent Leader award.

  • Visit MAD Toastmasters

    Every Sunday, 2pm to 4:30pm

    杭州滨江图书馆 (Binjiang Library)
    2pm to 4:30pm, Sunday
    18367152645 (Allen)